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"I appreciate that."

Of course. a brief pause, and the scenery changes. once on the streets of new york, they are now in an abandoned facility masquerading as a school. 

We’re in Canada now, Raphael. It’s a farcry from New York, but it does it’s job.

He hadn’t been anticipating the change of scenery, and his eyes go wide. “What… we just traveled all that distance?”

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Beloved Brother || Raphael and Donatello




Not far away, hidden in the shadows on a fire escape across the street, one of Raphael’s new personal enemies was using his abilities to hear and see the whole conversation. He didn’t give a damn about Donnie until he learned that the purple-clad turtle was particularly big weak spot in the target turtle’s armor.

Keeping as silent as possible, with one ear still on the conversation, the mysterious man took notes. Might as well play along, right?

"Donnie, the turtle in purple

Pin down, slit throat and relish in the sensation of the life leaving his body

Possibly preserve his head as a trophy

Personal, make this personal

This Donnie appears to be NW’s confidant. Use this to your advantage

Relationship with other brothers rocky, validates previous point”

If Raphael had only known that the very mentioning of his nightmare would further increase the chances of it happening, he would likely have said nothing. As it stood, he hadn’t known, and more than that, he’d needed the comfort that came from talking with the only person in the family Raphael saw as having a level head.

He couldn’t bring himself to say anything more on the subject of his brother’s death threat. The idea of losing Donnie - of losing any of them - in so irreversible a manner was too painful to bear. He closed his eyes and tried to shove away the image of his brother’s bloodied body laying dead on the street. Trouble was, Raphael’s imagination never had liked him much. The image was stuck in his head, and he couldn’t shake it.

What Donatello said next was what threw him for the loop he needed to get the image erased. Leo? Outside his door? Leo showing that he missed Raphael even in the slightest? He’d spent so much time missing Leo and the others, he’d never once considered that Leo might actually miss him.

He looked up at Donnie in disbelief. “L-Leo, he… he misses me?”

He closed his eyes again at yet another painful memory. His sai, sharp even after years of use, a mere inch from having pierced Leo’s esophagus. The raw, unfiltered fury Raphael had held within himself at the idea of his brother’s ‘triumphant return’ after all that time away in the jungle. The strangled feeling of having been personally hurt by Leo’s having left.

"It hurt when Leo left, okay? I looked up to him, he and I were supposed to balance each other out, and we were great at it when we weren’t mad at each other, but then he left, and he didn’t come back for over a year, and I was so mad when he came back and you and Mikey just started following his orders again like he’d never been gone. Never once had you followed my orders, so I made up my Nightwatcher persona, and he found me one night, and I was just so… furious. Sai came within an inch of his throat as I had him pinned to the ground. Only thing that stopped me, the only thing, was the thought of Mikey crying as we buried our big brother. Leo never held it against me. I miss him, of course I miss him. He’s worth missing. He… he’s not supposed to miss me.”

He paused once more, before again looking at Donnie. “You tell anyone I said any of this and I’ll make you regret it. I do know how to make you cry in agony.”

 Donatello watched his brother, heedless of the danger lurking just out of sight. Truth be told, it didn’t matter. The who and why of the threat against his life could wait. After four years of watching his family fall apart at the seams, this was more important.

He suddenly understood what Master Splinter had been trying to tell him so long ago, about how he had to be strong where his brothers were weak: He could let the horror of what Raph had just confided in him consume him. He could blame Raph for nearly killing Leo so soon after they got him back, blame Leo for always pushing when he should have exercised brotherly understanding instead of a leader’s force. He could rant and rage about the two years he spent trying to keep a broken family afloat while Raph ran off engaging criminals and putting himself at risk, and all the times he ever had to lie to Mikey about how everything was going to be okay even when he wasn’t sure of it himself.

But to let himself fall victim to resentment was the easy way out. What had nearly happened and what had already come to pass was nowhere near as important as what was happening now. And right now, it was very clear to Don that the two years away from home had been no easier on Raph then it had been for the rest of them.

“Of course he misses you, you blockhead.” Don admonished softly. “What do you think I’ve been telling you this whole time? He wants you home. But he knows that’s not his decision to make, it’s yours.”

With quiet steps Don crossed the rooftop, sitting down on the empty ledge beside his older brother. They weren’t all that high up, and yet the streets lay sprawled out before them like veins of arterial lights, a vivid display of sulfur yellows and fire hydrant reds. He fixed his gaze on the lights, simply listening as the whole story spilled out of his brother. Things he should have heard two years ago, or further still. But he realized that there was a lot he never bothered to tell Raph either.

 “Are you kidding? We didn’t just ‘fall back into line’ Raph.” He said, incredulous. “I might not have been as…subtle as you, but trust me. It took me months to forgive him for being gone for so long. Don’t get me wrong, I was happy to have him home. But that didn’t change the fact that he spent an extra year out there without sending us so much as a postcard, and for a long time, I didn’t know whether to think he was dead or to worry if he was ever coming home at all…”

 He could still feel it, even after all these months. A prickling dread that snuck up on him in the dead of night and prompted him to peek into his older brother’s room, just to make sure he wouldn’t see an empty bed.

“It was hard. You’re not the only one who looks up to him. And he’s not the only one I look up to, either.”

Raph looked like he was seriously considering that revelation. But instead of heartfelt thanks, or brotherly affection, he was treated to the usual brash, overcompensation that was oh so typical of Raphael.

You tell anyone I said any of this and I’ll make you regret it. I do know how to make you cry in agony.”

“Hey, you leave my laptop out of this.” Don shot back. “What did Dell ever do to you?” But there was a trace of a smile on his beak, as he inhaled the sweet night air and marveled at how much this reminded him of old times.

The smile lasted for all of three seconds before it faltered, fading into a penseive frown. 

“It’s not going to be easy, you know.” Don said. “We all changed when Leo was away. I think he came back expecting to find things to be the same as they always were, only to discover otherwise. And Leo’s changed since you’ve been gone too. You coming home won’t magically flip a switch to turn everything back the way it once was. That’s something you’re going to have to work for. The both of you.” He looked at Raph. “Just start slow. Talk to him, for one.”

The opportunity would never be better. He had his bags with him, and inside the bags, something of a tranquilizer, which would render Raphael powerless to do anything but watch as he enacted his ‘vengeance’ upon the brother, for no better reason than the fact that he now knew it would have a profound effect on the red-clad turtle’s psyche.

He reached into the bag, and pulled out the gun with which he would launch the weapon, then again for the ammunition. He took aim, and fired.

Meanwhile, Raphael was engrossed in telling the story to Donatello, and listening to Donnie’s response. Catching the tiniest hint of something in the wind, he suddenly put his arm across Donnie’s chest, and knocked him and himself flat against the roof. “We’re not alone.”

He immediately rolled himself back onto his feet, and looked at the wall behind where he’d been sitting. “Tranqs. Someone’s after me. Likely… fucking shit! Donnie, we gotta get you out of here, now!”

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He shrugged. “Media came up with Nightwatcher. I decided I liked it.” He extended his own three-fingered hand and shook Kurt’s. “I gotta say, it’s a good feeling to know I ain’t the only mutant on the streets who doesn’t… look normal, Kurt. Sensei always told us we had to stay in the sewers, because the surface-dwellers wouldn’t accept us.”

He then watched in disbelief as the other teleported once again directly in front of him. “That… my friend, that ain’t fair.

"You are a Morlock, then?" Kurt asked, point-blank. They were the only sewer-dwelling mutants he knew of, but as far as he knew, there was at least a small group of them. "I know the feeling, though. I had never seen anyone like myself until a few years ago, not even another mutant with an invisible talent. Now, I know many mutants, and…” He paused to tally up the number of physically-affected mutants he knew. “Six others who have some kind of physical mutation. Not all of them as drastic as mine, and only maybe three who were born with their mutations, but two of them happen to be my parents. I do not know if Mystique was born blue, but I’m fairly certain Papa was…” He mused.

He grinned, not shy about showing his menacing fangs, but the smile didn’t look threatening. It wasn’t meant to. “Ah yes, I know. It is a very neat thing to do and I am grateful to have it.” He pushed off the wall with his legs and flipped forward, taking a sweeping bow once he landed. The showmanship in his blood never faded. “And what are your special gifts, mein Freund?”

"Hey, no need for name-calling, friend," Raphael said, his expression clearly showing that he was merely joking. He listened as the other spoke, almost in disbelief. He’d lived his entire life in the sewers, under the impression that there were no others like him and his small family. “You can add five to that list. I’m not exactly unique. I got three brothers just like me. And a rat, similarly mutated.”

He watched as the other flipped, visibly impressed by the showmanship. Then, when it came his turn, he put on a grin, and listened to the air, the sounds around him. Then, in a flash, he tossed a sai to the side at a high speed, and followed it up with an even faster flick of a chain as he grabbed the sai with a kusarigama. When it returned to his hands, however, there was a gun with it, which it had pierced. “I’m a ninja.”

End of a Long Day || Open



Raphael just groaned. Of course someone saw him stuffing the Nightwatcher getup into the bag, and of course they assumed he was stealing. He was about to start talking back when he heard the cry of another person, and he turned around, surprised to see that someone had caught a man stealing - when Raphael himself had missed it.

"Whoa, where’d that dude come from?" Raphael asked, not really expecting an answer. "You… seem really practiced. Makin’ this old pro look like an amateur."

she was about to attack until she heard raphael speak, she turns and looks at him. she did not see him for he had been in her blind spot. she raised her eyebrow at him, had clearly not been expecting to see another mutant around.

"are you with this sad excuse of a thief?" she asked with a growl.

the man took the chance to run but she was faster, kicking the mans legs out from under him than used her elbow to slam it into his stomach while he was in midair making him hit the ground hard. the man groaned and held his stomach, she turns back to raph and was looking him up and down. sizing him up by the looks of it.

"Me? With it?" Raphael pointed towards the man, whose pathetic attempts to escape were laughable. "Please, I have more self-respect than that. I put creeps like him away. Tonight’s my night off."

He knew it sounded wrong as soon as he’d said it. He was a vigilante, the Nightwatcher. People like him didn’t merit nights off. But damn, he needed a night to himself once in a while.

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"You going to be okay now, little brother?" Raphael asked, the word ‘little’ slipping out unintentionally. He couldn’t take it back now, so he just kept up an air of having meant to say it.

Leonardo blinked and chuckled lightly at being called little brother. It sounded odd, unfamiliar to his earslits. “y-yeah, I’m g-good. Thanks.”

He smiled. “That’s good to hear.”

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He stood at Leo’s side, coughing up a storm himself, but more intently focused on Leo’s well-being. “Sometimes, it just plays out that way. Firefighters were on the other side of the building, maybe they got the rest of them.”

Leonardo coughed more and gasped for air. He shuddered and sunk to his knees. “H-Hopefully.” He moaned out and groaned. He felt like puking, honestly. At least they had managed to get three of them out.

Not sure what else to do, he gently put a hand on Leo’s shoulder as he knelt next to him on the ground. He felt sick himself, but he could care for that later. For now, Leo was more important.

His breathing managed to get back to somewhere more normal after a while and he sighed. He leaned back lightly and looked up at Raphael, giving him a small smile.


"You going to be okay now, little brother?" Raphael asked, the word ‘little’ slipping out unintentionally. He couldn’t take it back now, so he just kept up an air of having meant to say it.

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End of a Long Day || Open



After yet another long, fruitless day of searching the streets for the thug responsible for robbing the toy store, among other stores, Raphael returned to the back alley alongside the dentist’s office, humming a bit as he began removing his Nightwatcher costume. Thinking the alley had been abandoned, he hadn’t been expecting anyone to notice him.

the night was the only time she could travel the city, using the skills she had be taught to travel by roof top. she gained speed as she leaped across an alley way that most humans could never jump, but of course she was not a human. she was about to take off again when she heard someone, her ear swiveled to the side trying to pick up on the source of the sound. she turns and looks down to see what looked like a human breaking into a store that was right next to the dentist office.

she growls lowly and leaps silently down into the shadows, blending in almost exactly. taking out her whip she used it to grab the man around the neck and tug him over to her, the man made a startled cry. she threw him into a couple of trash cans making the racket echo around them. 

"so you like to go around and steal… well i like to beat up scum bags like you.." She snarled as she walked slowly over to the thief with her claws gleaming.

Raphael just groaned. Of course someone saw him stuffing the Nightwatcher getup into the bag, and of course they assumed he was stealing. He was about to start talking back when he heard the cry of another person, and he turned around, surprised to see that someone had caught a man stealing - when Raphael himself had missed it.

"Whoa, where’d that dude come from?" Raphael asked, not really expecting an answer. "You… seem really practiced. Makin’ this old pro look like an amateur."

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Brother Dearest || Raphael and Leonardo



"Simple, I needed space I was suffocating down there, what with you and Splinter always breathing down my neck.” Raphael always had been the master of deflection. Of course it wasn’t his fault. It was everyone else’s fault that he decided he had to get out. “Besides, don’t act like you’re the more hurt here. I left everyone behind. All you lost was one deadbeat brother. And don’t say I’m not a deadbeat, you and I both know that’s how you see me.”

   Leonardo’s expression scrunched lightly, brows furrowed as it did. Don’t you think that was a little long just for some space? The way he worded this sentence meant to give an hint: clearly damaged. Being the oldest and yet carrying the responsibility for his younger siblings upon his broad shoulders, sometimes having to drive him off to concern and stress. If anything happened to any of them and he didn’t know or couldn’t be there — no…You could’ve been dead.

Could’ve been dead, Raphael thought glumly. Almost was, stupid North Pole sending it’s temperatures down here and freezing my shell. Freakin’ icicles on my ass.

He just shrugged, and said, “I got involved in a life here. Nightwatcher can’t rest, he can’t let crimes go unpunished. He… took priority.”

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